About the Project

The need to invest in transit in downtown Fort Lauderdale first came to light in 2004, and the idea of a streetcar was born soon after. An environmental impacts study was undertaken, funding sources were identified and partnerships were built to transport the idea to reality. The construction of the Wave Streetcar is scheduled to begin in mid-2017.

The Wave will serve downtown Fort Lauderdale, spanning the New River to connect the hospital and courthouse districts on the south side with the downtown business core and government, education, shopping, recreation and entertainment centers on the north side. The design of the 2.8-mile route was expanded in October 2015 to include a loop on the north end in Flagler Village to capture recent and future residential and retail development in that area. The addition of the loop, the extension to SW 18 Street on the south end to the streetcar’s maintenance and storage yard and operations center, the addition to more sophisticated train and traffic controls, the hurricane protection upgrades to the Operations Center and the refinement in design has brought the current budget to $195 million.

It will powered by overhead electric lines, will operate on embedded tracks in mixed traffic, sharing the traffic lane with other vehicles. Once the system has been constructed and has completed testing, Broward County Transit will be responsible for the operations and maintenance of the Wave.

The partnering agencies are committed to the success of this project which will create jobs, encourage private investment, help direct growth to the urban core, connect points of interest, link to regional transit, increase foot traffic and serve as a catalyst to advance a regional transit system.

We Encourage You to Become Part of This Vibrant Advancement in Our Community.