Maintenance Facility

Vehicle Maintenance and Storage Facility

VMSF Preliminary DRC Renderings 11-12-15_Page_08

The Wave Streetcar’s Vehicle Maintenance and Storage Facility (VMSF) will be built on two acres of land at SW 18 Street and SW 1 Avenue. The VMSF will not only house the streetcars and the maintenance bays, but also the system’s Operation Center. Designed to initially accommodate five cars, it will have the potential to house 15 streetcars, as the system expands its routes. Although the initial staff needed to operate the system will be small, the Operations Center will be designed to house approximately 40 operators needed to run the day-to-day needs of an expanded system.

The Operations Center will be a “Type 4 Essential Facility”, built to withstand hurricanes. The site is also being raised 2 feet to protect it and the streetcars from flooding.

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