Streetcar Outreach and Public Involvement

In the past few years, the Wave Streetcar’s partner agencies have met with residents, homeowner associations, civic groups and businesses to keep them updated on the project’s development. As we near the construction start date, the Project Team will ramp-up outreach efforts by scheduling meetings and presentations with stakeholders and arrange to have one-on-one briefings with residents, building managers and businesses along the route. We encourage you to reach out to us to schedule an update briefing.

Construction of any kind is disruptive, but it can be managed when the public knows what to expect and approximately when to expect it. The Construction Project Team is committed to keeping the residents, business owners and commuters continuously updated on upcoming construction activities and on partial or total street closures and associated detours. Interested parties will be able to sign-up to receive these updates on a regular basis via email, obtain the information from the Wave Streetcar’s website, or call the project office and speak directly with project staff during normal business hours.

When the Wave Streetcar Project moves into construction, one of the first activities to take place will be the relocation of utilities, such as electric, phone, cable and gas, which may be in a location that is in conflict with the streetcar’s route. As the construction gears up, the Construction Project Team will begin disseminating weekly Construction Updates outlining anticipated activities and impacts.

Public Meetings & Events

2017-01-18 Public Hearing for Access Management/Median Changes

2016-11 November Business Workshops

2016-05-25 Public Information Workshop

2016-05-20 Industry Forum

2017-06-05 Downtown Civic Association Presentation

2017-06-08 Downtown Development Authority Board Presentation

Let’s Meet Now to Start the Dialogue about Construction. We Look Forward to Seeing You Soon.