Streetcar Stations

Streetcars Stations

The Wave Streetcar will have 13 station platforms along the route. Five of the stations will be located in the center of the roadway, serving southbound streetcars on one side and northbound streetcars on the other. The remaining stations will be built along an existing sidewalk.

The stations will be wheelchair accessible with platforms raised to the level of the streetcar door opening.  Ticket vending machines will be installed, as well as benches, overhead protection from the elements, artwork and a real-time display of the next arriving streetcar, which will be about every 10 to 15 minutes.

Station Locations (Click the map to navigate)

2016_06 Station Map

Station Renderings

Station 3 – S Andrews Avenue & S 6th Street – Northbound & Southbound


Station 4 – SW 3rd Avenue & SW 6th Street – Northbound & Southbound

Station 7 – NW 1st Avenue & SW 2nd Street – Northbound

Station 8 – NW 1st Avenue & NW 1st Street – Broward Central Terminal – Northbound and Southbound

Wave - 2015.09.16 Presentation STATION Renderings_Page_09CROPPED

Wave - 2015.09.16 Presentation STATION Renderings_Page_10CROPPED