Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the Wave Streetcar?
When is construction of the Wave Streetcar anticipated to start?
Why has the cost to build the Wave Streetcar gone up to $195 million?
How will the project budget of $195 million be spent?
Why is the project behind the original published schedule?
Was there a study done to understand the impacts of the streetcar to traffic?
Downtown property owners have been paying an assessment since the fall of 2013. Where is that money?
How much will the Wave Streetcar cost to ride and will the ticket be compatible with other County services?
Will the Wave Streetcar have a dedicated lane in traffic or can I drive in the same lane?
How often will the Wave Streetcar pick up passengers at any given stop and what time will it run?
What will happen to the Sun Trolley when the Wave Streetcar is operational?
Since BCT will be operating the system and we are in tight budget times, will existing routes serving other areas be eliminated?